Whoa! Hi amazing bloggers! So I’ve been very busy with my work lately and unable to post new blogs but this would be my compromise. 🙂

Since I was a kid, adventure is one of my passion. I remember the absconding afternoon sleeps just for mountain hiking with my “barkadas”. I was seven then, yes! only seven–a stubborn one. XD
Anyways, let’s go back to the present.

Last week I’ve been to Baler, Aurora, Philippines — to experience the off-road challenge primarily and of course to see the jaw-dropping tides since the place was entitled as “THE SURFING CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES”

I was with my boyfriend and the Bongabon Off-Roaders Team. They called themselves as “Off-Roangers” (like power rangers eh?). We left Bongabon, Nueva Ecija as early as 4 o’clock in the morning for us to reach the destination early and to have a comfortable and chilling travel.

I waited for the sun to rise and excited to take picture of it but unfortunately, we haven’t checked the weather that it was going to be a rainy day that day. Seriously? I was disappointed that I haven’t seen the apparent rising of the sun above the horizon. *sad.

It was four hours away from our place and we took the rough zig-zag mountain road (it was like a chicken intestine if you google map it) ha-ha.  The fog plus the rain plus the very zigzag road plus mud is equal to a breath-taking and challenging voyage. Take note: we haven’t reach the real trail destination yet it gives us the adventure already.

Ok. I’ll tell you what happened in our trail.

When we finally get to the meeting place, a lot of off-roaders (Aurora Off-Roaders Association) where waiting under a long and wide bridge. Look!

Under the Bridge.

Under the Bridge.

Beside those big toys is a river with strong currents. I can’t imagine how we crossed that river. They said “tiwala lang” (just trust). I was riding at Kuya Obet’s red Suzuki Jimny. I was so afraid when I see those raging water flowing inside the car. I was like “Oh my God! Oh my God! Umahon sana!” and luckily, We did it. I started to be amazed by that small car.

Keep Pushing!

Keep Pushing!

Another river-crossing scene. 😉 Whoah! Almost There!

Keep pushing Part II :)

Keep pushing Part II 🙂

And then we reached the mountain, where muds angrily waited for the wheels of the cars.

One by one, the cars as well as the team fought the weather as they climbed the mountain. Others were easily reached the top because they have more powerful engines while others needed to use their winches just to get through.

Climbing the mountain. Those were the 6 cylindrical trailing cars.

Climbing the mountain. Those were the 6 cylindrical trailing cars.

In every sports, accidents were unpredictable but make sure to be always ready and prepared when that time comes. Look at the picture below, one of the cars accidentally upturned near the ravine. I was so nervous hearing the screams of people. I was like “Gosh! Is everyone Ok!?” Fortunately, the off-roader (one of Aurora’s team) was not even injured because of the safety gears he was wearing and the car has a seat belt designed for trailing. The man in the green shirt was even luckier when he quickly jumped away to avoid the car that was so close to him. He must have been crushed by then. LOL!

Near the Ravine. Oh my God!

Near the Ravine. Oh my God!

After that incident, the team decided not to finish the trail for everyone’s safety ’cause it was really difficult to continue considering the bad weather. I wasn’t disappointed though ’cause all the excitements and thrillers I am looking for an off-road challenge were already felt. Nothing to regret.

We spent the night in a rest house by the sea, I can feel the cold sea breeze. It’s been a while when I last seen a beach so I was excited and took pictures of the scenery. 😉

I was taking pictures of the boys. Yeah that's me!

I was taking pictures of the boys. Yeah that’s me!

Bad Weather Eh?

Bad Weather Eh?

That's me from the right, my boyfriend, my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend. Hello!

That’s me from the right, my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend. Hello!

Where I stand? sea rocks!  :) Look at the blue water. So lovely!

Where I stand? sea rocks! 🙂 Look at the blue water. So lovely!

We spent the night drinking in the bermuda grass. Talking about our whole tiring yet worthy day.

A day is not enough if you want to explore the beauty of Aurora. I really wanted to try surfing with huge tides (wearing my two-piece bikini lol!) and climb mountains just to see the high irresistible waterfalls but I don’t have time to do so. Maybe next time and maybe I’ll do it in a good weather. =)

Others hated mud, but for us and the team, that’s where the challenge is, to play and get dirty with it. No time for being “maarte”. Priceless experience that not everyone can have.

Sometimes, going out or engaging to activities like this will give you real happiness and peace of mind. A day away from stressful work and bully peers results to regeneration of your mind and  soul.

I felt  free to do whatever I want just like when I was a kid.
What a day!

Other photos:

Pose din pag may time. :)

Pose din pag may time. 🙂

Off-Roangers Team

Off-Roangers Team. Going Home!

Sabang Seaside. I can see the surfers whoa!

Sabang Seaside. I can see the surfers whoa!


*SERENDIPITY— Believe it or not?*

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

                                                                                               ― William Shakespeare

Hi Fellow Bloggers! So At last, I finally decided what topic to post in my first blog.

Ahh! I am so eggzoited (excited). It was not really meant to be my topic, I already wrote one entitled

*STARTING LINE* (Saved in Draft) but I changed my mind when I read my chubby yet adorable friend’s text message.

It goes like “Friend, he(her boyfriend) is an evil, it really hurts me a lot, i thought he was my destiny”.

So this blog is for her, I hope she could read this. Hahaha

Some people believe in destiny and some others don’t.

Like my friend, Dagdag, the one i was telling you a while ago is an avid fan of fortune tellers.

She consulted them for many times and said that my friend

would be happy in her love life and will meet his prince

charming after six months and that will make her happy forever.

And…Oh great! She is so broke now, actually two weeks ago. Her boyfriend cheated on

her. Seriously! Haha bravo for the

damn insights of that fortune teller. (I am not referring to all). 🙂

Another epic provision that everyone knows is the picture below.


And hooray! It’s 2013 and the world does not end. Yehay!

Actually, if you have faith in God, you would not really believe it..

no one knows when will the world ends.

Sometimes, There are tricky questions in our mind like:

“Why my Prince charming/Cinderella still wouldn’t come?”

“How that assh**le become my lifetime partner??”

“Why did we broke up?”

“Why i am not like her/him?

And etcetera, etcetera..

So many bombarding whys in your head.

There’s a lot of questions in this life that no one could explain.

Not even me and not even you.

But remember:


Yes, everything happens for a reason.

You exist for a reason. Every whys has because.

Every house has its door and every tree has a leaf.

You haven’t met your love life yet it is because you aren’t looking for it,

you are just waiting it to come.

Give some effort dude! Don’t just depend on fate.

It is like locked up in the dungeon without

knowing that you are there. Haha!!! Oh come on!

You stay in your relationship after so many on and offs is
because you love your partner,

you have faced problems together and it made you strong and better.

As you both overcome your major problems,

the rest is just a piece of cake. Don’t ask someone why, ask yourself, your heart!

Because you are the one who knew the answers most.

You just need some reflections. 🙂

The point is..


Yes, all that’s happening or happened in your life is

because you decide for it. That is your choice.

Your destiny is in your hands.

Whatever you do today will reflect tomorrow.

I do not believe in the saying

“if it’s not meant for you, it is for you”.

It rather be

“if it’s not meant for you, make a way for you to have it”.



So this is my first post and perception so i hope you like it!

Happy reading everyone!

Keep smiling!